About Us


Daiju Commodity Markets is committed to providing an exceptional customer experience that will ensure investor trust and confidence. First class image, first class quality, and first-class service will be our goals while making a fair profit for employees and traders. Recognizing that our employees are our most valued resource, we will nurture and reward them as milestones are achieved, technologies are developed, and the firm flourishes.


It is Daiju Commodity Markets' mission to provide traders with the most comprehensive commodity-trading platform available. We will devote ourselves to the constant evolution of this trading platform by listening to our users and enhancing our product mix to satisfy their requirements.



The key to fulfilling the client's requirements is the main focus for Daiju Commodity Markets and to achieve this we keep an active dialog with our customers.


We listen to their wants and needs and modify, add, and develop new resources as required. Our plans are to solicit product reviews and suggestions from Customers, which will be used as feedback for future technology and marketing developments and will ensure that our members are satisfied with their entire trading and investing experience.


We offer a complete bouquet of client-friendly services in the burgeoning Commodity Options and Futures market. Globally, trading in Commodity Options and Futures market far exceeds that of Equities. Keeping in step with the times, Daiju Commodity Markets have started providing facilities to customers to deal, invest, or hedge in Commodity Markets.


With Daiju Commodity Markets at your side, you have access to in-depth research and arbitrage calls. Cash in on this great opportunity and take advantage of the boundless possibilities of the Commodities Market.


We believe that this site would be an invaluable tool in viewing us as your prime partner in the marketplace.


We are driven to ensure that Daiju Commodity Markets significantly enhances the value of client's investments and thereby meet the needs of each community we serve. Daiju Commodity Markets looks forward to playing an invaluable role in creating a dynamic process of wealth creation that will benefit and delight customers' time and time again.

Our Mission Statement

We are driven to offer world-class and innovative solutions to our clients, creating a dynamic process of wealth creation.


Commodities have always been the foundation of world trade, and as they become an increasingly attractive investment option, we at Daiju Commodity Markets look to guide and assist you in all possible ways to help you in all your endeavors in the Commodity Markets.

Globally, trading in Commodity Options and Futures market far exceeds that of Equities.


Keeping in step with the times, Daiju Commodity Markets have started providing facilities to customers to deal, invest or hedge in Commodity Markets. We offer a multitude of options for trading, which includes Bullion, Metals, Energy, Environmental and Agricultural Commodities.


While Daiju Commodity Markets does offer the regular spectrum of services you would expect from a firm of high standing, we also offer value- added services, such as delivery-based commodity trading. We have multiple Sales Tax/VAT registration numbers, enabling us to execute systematic delivery-based transactions on behalf of our clients, making us one of the leading commodity brokers in the country.



Daiju Commodity Markets. The smart choice!


We offer you a plethora of services to provide you the best trading opportunities available in the industry.

  • Customized Solutions
  • Acess to online accounts 24/7
  • Efficient risk management
  • Access to fundamental and technical views till markets close
  • Competitive brokerage rates.
  • Transparent and fair-trade execution.

What We Do

Professional, Dependable, And Confidential Service

  • We believe the commodity markets are an excellent means of portfolio diversification. Look beyond the securities market and experience the commodity markets. Daiju Commodity Markets has the people and expertise to help.
  • We have a consulting staff that can help you reach your long-term goals, or simply execute one-time trades.
  • We have a knowledgeable staff with many years of futures and options experience.
  • We understand the mechanics of hedging and speculating and will work to maximize your returns.



Experienced Analysts Who Have Been There Before

  • Direct-to-the-floor execution on futures and options with access to a major commodity exchange and fast report of fills. Immediate access to the Global electronic markets.
  • Worldwide fundamental information and precise technical analysis.
  • Secure internet access for clients to review their accounts and submit trades.
  • Individually managed accounts.



A Unique Consulting Service Customized for Each Client

If you have price risk, Daiju Commodity Markets can create a marketing program for you including:

  • A true full-service consulting program including individualized strategies and plan execution.
  • Hedging and/or trading strategies.
  • One-on-one contact with a Daiju Commodity Markets specialist who will help guide your plan to meet your goals.
  • Pricing assistance for cash, futures, and options.



IB Support Services

Daiju Commodity Markets has an independent network of more than 15 professional Introducing Brokers. By combining the volume of our network of IBs, we offer superior service and favorable rates from one of the top FCM's in the industry.


Some of the services we provide are:

  • Research information
  • Reports from the research department and direct from the floor
  • Access to excellent floor service at a major exchange
  • State of the art trading platforms for direct order entry into the major commodity pits as well as the global electronic system
  • Seamless back office operation with prompt follow-up to errors and problems
  • Compliance and audit assistance
  • Fast new account processing and setup including electronic account opening privileges for individual or sole proprietorship accounts


Metal Commodities

Precious Metals

Industrial Metals

Energy Commodities

Oil, Gas, Coal

Ethanol, Electricity

Environmental Commodities

Carbon Emissions

Renewable Energy Certificates

White Certificates

Agricultural Commodities Trading

Grain, Meat, Dairy, Lumber, Soft

Other Agricultural Commodities

Agricultural Commodities Trading

Agricultural: Trade Online Grain, Meat, Dairy, Lumber, and other commodities.

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Precious Metals

They have value either as components of jewellery, or as repositories of value in their own right. Consequently, the trade in metal commodities of all types is both busy and lucrative

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Industrial Metals

Metals are used in all areas of industry and construction, from the building of houses and factories to the fabrication of machines, electronics and consumer goods.

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