At Daiju Commodity Markets, our work with cutting-edge technology is driven by something human: the lives our technology protects. It’s not the systems that drive us: it’s the soldier our systems bring home. It’s not just the equipment that motivates us: it’s the people our equipment protects. It’s not the innovation that gets us up in the morning: it’s whom those innovations serve. We’re united by our work to help people. And that mission makes our team even stronger.

When you join Daiju Commodity Markets, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with coworkers in an environment that’s uniquely caring, diverse, and respectful. Employees share experiences, insights, perspectives, and creative solutions with some of the best minds in the industry. We collaborate through integrated product teams, cross-functional teams, and employee resource groups, while thriving through the support of training, mentors, and extensive benefits.

Wherever we work in the firm and whatever our role, we’re united by our mission to protect the world. And no matter how innovative our technology is, we think that united front is the most impressive thing of all.


Career Development

Our career development and training initiatives prepare our employees to achieve their goals and turn their career dreams into reality.

The internal trainee committee oversees and conducts hands-on training for employees who manage and maintain high-technology trading systems.

The training program spans 20 weeks and combines blended learning with On-the-Job development to allow new supervisors an opportunity to gain practical experience, while learning new management skills related to understanding, planning, and organizing.


Daiju Commodity Markets’s unmistakable dedication to its employees starts at the top and is echoed throughout the global organization. If the Daiju Commodity Markets culture interests you, contact us.



Metal Commodities

Precious Metals

Industrial Metals

Energy Commodities

Oil, Gas, Coal

Ethanol, Electricity

Environmental Commodities

Carbon Emissions

Renewable Energy Certificates

White Certificates

Agricultural Commodities Trading

Grain, Meat, Dairy, Lumber, Soft

Other Agricultural Commodities


Natural gas is the primary gas-based commodity that is traded on the commodity market.

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Coal is traded profitably on a number of commodity exchanges worldwide.

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Industrial Metals

Metals are used in all areas of industry and construction, from the building of houses and factories to the fabrication of machines, electronics and consumer goods.

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