What We Offer

What We Offer

  • Consistent and reliable supply of physical commodities
  • Energy management services
  • Transportation optimization
  • Blending
  • Storage options


Merchant Finance

Daiju Commodity Markets offers structured solutions with a 360° view. Our involvement in the physical commodities market gives us insights that provide our counterparties around the globe with a competitive advantage. Our expertise and creativity can generate highly-customized funding solutions.


Structured Debt Solutions

We arrange structured financings across the capital structure. Our counterparties, with whom we have long-standing relationships, recognize our ability to quickly analyze risks associated with physical commodity assets — and propose optimal debt solutions.


Principal Finance

We provide principal finance that allows counterparties to develop and expand resource projects — or refinance.


We take pride in formulating structured financings — which can be joined with our Merchant Trading customized structured solutions — to optimize our counterparties’ positions. It’s yet another way we can serve our counterparties by leveraging our many years of expertise in the physical commodity business.


Retail Solutions

Daiju Commodity Markets is a competitive retail broker that is involved in commodities trading on a retail basis to end-user commercial and industrial customers in deregulated markets throughout Asia Pacific region. Leveraging Daiju Commodity Markets’ world-class platform, vertically–integrated supply chain and reputation for exceptional customer service, Daiju Commodity Markets Energy Solutions enables its customers to take control of energy costs by providing them with competitive rates on electricity and natural gas. The firm offers a full range of custom energy solutions designed to meet the unique needs of its individual customers. Daiju Commodity Markets also extends the scope of the brand’s reputation for reliability, integrity and customer-focused service.


Trading competitive for collaborative.

Many professionals with diverse and impressive skill sets have joined Daiju Commodity Markets. Ask any member of the team about our firm culture, and the response is a common refrain: Entrepreneurial. Collaborative. Creative.

Commodity Savvy

Building on industry success and leveraging industry knowledge


Leveraging our relationships, expertise and responsiveness, producers, midstream players, and end users alike can rely on our consistency in exceeding their expectations.


  • Risk-savvy. Managing logistics from the point of production to effectively mitigate risk on the merchant trading end.
  • An agile corporate structure and strategic global relationships across production infrastructure facilitate transactions.
  • Counterparty-driven. The ability to act on opportunity, never sacrificing the goal of fostering long-term relationships and a mission of prosperity for our counterparties.
  • Direct access. Our physical merchant capabilities and fully integrated physical production-to-market model enables greater deal access.
  • Strategic relationships. Using our intellectual capital and unique marketing platform to “connect the dots” on opportunity, Daiju Commodity Markets can acquire the highest production value asset and execute premium market deals tailored to our counterparties’ risk/return profiles.



Merchant Trading

Daiju Commodity Markets’ global presence in physical marketing and logistics offers complete support and capability of managing the entire commodity chain – from the point of production to shipping and distribution to the end user. We view every commodity transaction from multiple angles: strategic position, supply risk, demand risk, credit risk, and market risk.


The Daiju Commodity Markets team can offer varying scales of solutions to help you succeed, adding efficiencies to your assets and transactions while effectively mitigating risk.


Physical Asset Management

When managing physical assets, Daiju Commodity Markets draws upon an extensive network of global strategic relationships to execute value-creating transactions for our counterparties with interests in transportation, terminal holdings, power plants and other property categories.

Our collective, in-depth experience in physical assets means our counterparties can rely on our ability to optimize the movement, storage and transformation of their assets.


Marketing, Transportation and Logistics

Welcome to Daiju Commodity Markets’ deep engagement in commodities marketing, transportation and logistics.


Valuable — and strategic — relationships complement, our physical teams’ far-reaching business platforms and logistics capabilities through road, rail, pipes, barges, transmission lines, and storage.


Metal Commodities

Precious Metals

Industrial Metals

Energy Commodities

Oil, Gas, Coal

Ethanol, Electricity

Environmental Commodities

Carbon Emissions

Renewable Energy Certificates

White Certificates

Agricultural Commodities Trading

Grain, Meat, Dairy, Lumber, Soft

Other Agricultural Commodities

Environmental Commodities

Carbon Emissions, Renewable Energy Certificates, White Certificates.

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Precious Metals

They have value either as components of jewellery, or as repositories of value in their own right. Consequently, the trade in metal commodities of all types is both busy and lucrative

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Natural gas is the primary gas-based commodity that is traded on the commodity market.

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